I’m natalie. Los Angeles born, Seattle raised, and current San Francisco dweller. I love the smell of fresh ground coffee, laughing until I can hardly breathe, and floating my hand on the wind out the car window.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and work full-time in Marketing for a global tech company. I love my job. It’s technical, analytical, brain-twisting fun, but photography gives me the space to create art that tells my story.

My images are a photo-narrative of what I call the “bright-spots” of my life.  They cover experiences like growing up in all white community in the Northwest, where I didn’t feel accepted by my white peers or by my peers in the black community. My own feelings and insecurities around beauty, my experiences in corporate America and the feelings that came from recognizing that I was losing myself inside of a failing marriage. While my work is personal, I document it for my children, and for their children to have a visual record of the periods that shaped my life.  My experience is also universal and I believe the story of many women.

I am lucky to be forever connected to two amazing young adults that chose me as their mom, and to have a partner in life that keeps a smile on my face and warmth in my heart.
be. then do. and have will come.

For further information about my work, please contact me at info@tallieimages.com.